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The "CORFU MEAT COMPANY SA" with the distinctive title "CO.ME.CO. S.A. "was founded in Corfu from Lavranos family and became active in the production, processing and packaging of meat products and sausages, 2001. The gastronomic past Corfu inspire a wide range of products. The company's philosophy is based on the revival of old recipes, flavors and fragrances mainly from the years of Venetian occupation of the island (1401m.Ch-1797m.Ch), but adapted to the requirements of today.

The modern facilities, highly trained staff and strict criteria for the selection of raw materials ensure maximum quality in its products. One of the most popular products of the company are the traditional "noumboulo foumikado". It is a maturation product from pork sirloin fillet pickled with coarse salt and black pepper, marinated in local herbs such as sage, rope, bay leaves, dried oregano and myrtle and placed in animal intestines soaked in wine local variety Petrokoritho.

In Venetian dialect vernacular appears «Taglio di Nombolo» which was produced from beef rump and was rather early recipe since then the preparation was only with pork. Back in time there are reports that the farmers of the island had to offer gratuitous contribution landowners which included among others noumboulo. At the same time it appeared to be particularly prevalent and trade. The sale took place in outdoor sales area in the port of Corfu in wicker baskets, on fig leaves, adorned with flowers and willow branches.

The Corfu Meat Company produces not only pork and beef noumboulo, served cut into very thin slices and combine perfectly with wine and beer Corfu. Another traditional sausage is the "Salado". This local traditional salami, which is made from beef and pork, adding a large amount of pepper and salt. The element that gives it such a special flavor, that is smoked with aromatic twigs Corfiot countryside. Due to the intense flavor, ideal in combination with raki, ouzo and specific wine varieties.

In addition, the company produces a wide variety of sausages, with the most special being leeks, spicy sausages and gruyere, which is one of the tastiest dishes. The smoked pork and smoked pantsieta are distinct flavors accompanied ideals of red or white wine. All products are available in both stores' Meat Center Lavranos "in Corfu, as well as in selected delicatessen in the rest of Greece.