Celtic Storm

Celtic Storm - Corfu Beer Festival 2014

Their traditional Irish musicians play alongside the world class professional Irish dancers. The Celtic Storm Show takes the audience on a journey throughout Ireland against a backdrop of powerful melodies, haunting airs and lively polkas. Hosted from Ireland to Greece by the Corfu-Beer Festival, the Celtic Storm Show will perform for four...

Hammersmith Morris Men

Hammersmith Morris Men - Corfu Beer Festival 2014

For more cultural dancing at the festival, this year will be the world famous Hammersmith Morris Men. Often seen dancing around London, traditionally at the start of the season by the River Thames in Hammersmith on Boat Race Day, they will show us the English Morris Dance, putting on their own famous stamp of good music and energetic style.

Epirotic Society of Corfu

Epirotic Society of Corfu - Corfu Beer Festival 2014

The dancing group “LORENTZOS MAVILIS” belongs to one of the oldest clubs in Greece (founded in 1901). The members are not professionals but with a lot of passion and punctuality they entertain with dances from all Greek regions. They perform at various festivals and events in Greece as well as travelling to Europe and have danced in Holland,...

The Mojo Bunch Blues Band

The Mojo Bunch Blues Band - Corfu Beer Festival 2014

Peter Papageorgiou launched his own blues band which we heard for the first time this year at the Corfu Beer Festival launch in Arillas on 1st May. With a varied mix of day-time jobs and careers including marketing, pharmacy and farming, they formed their new group through a love of blues and rock music, feeling the need to do something...

Diadromes 78 Strofon

Diadromes 78 Strofon - Corfu Beer Festival 2014

Diadomes 78 Strofon is a rebetiko group which began in 2003 with three friends and has slowly developed over the years to what they are today. They have six musicians who have remained faithful to the old Greek folk songs and ways with their acoustic instruments - the rebetiko - from which the newer Greek music has developed.


Mashup - Corfu Beer Festival 2014

Mashup are a local Greek Jazz / Funk / Pop band. Instruments include: Guitar / Bass / Drums / Saxophone / Keyboards. Great young musician with a variety of styles !!

Three and the Cuckoo

Three and the Cuckoo - Corfu Beer Festival 2014

Nikos Sellas is the leader of this well-known Corfu band, regularly playing in the summer in Sidari. They play popular rock and blues from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with some superb renditions of Pink Floyd like “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”, Gary Moore’s “Still Got The Blues For You” as well as well-known songs from Dire Straits, Queen and Deep...