Schoppe Braeu

Schoppe Braeu - Corfu Beer Festival 2013

In 1990 Thorsten Schoppe’s dream was to produce beer. He did not come from a family of brewers but nevertheless he started to teach himself the skills of brewing. Whilst still at school he started to produce his own beers at home using only a 20 liter tank and equipment borrowed from his mother’s kitchen.

Entlas Keller

Entlas Keller - Corfu Beer Festival 2013

The biggest cellar in the world. In the northern district of the Erlangen foothills, there is a unique cellar consisting of an impressive 21 kilometers of subterranean passages. This enormous cellar was created by brewers long ago, in 1687, when there was no other way to cool and freeze food, so that beers and other valuable goods could be kept...

Felsen Bräu

Felsen Bräu - Corfu Beer Festival 2013

The first solar brewery in Germany. On the 3rd May 2007, Felsen Bräu was certified and awarded a prize by the Technical University of München- Weihenstephan as the first solar brewery in Germany. With this success, Felsen Bräu was written in to the history of beer. It was the first time that a brewery had managed to produce all the necessary...

Riedenburger Brauhaus

Riedenburger Brauhaus - Corfu Beer Festival 2013

The owners of this family enterprise, Martha and Michael Krieger (a Bavarian brewer), have been interested and active in the protection of nature and the environment from 1980. Based on their ideology, the vision of a friendly way of management of their brewery was developed by them, with the philosophy that beer is a food and the selling of an...

Corfu Meets Bavaria

Corfu meets Bavaria - Corfu Beer Festival 2013

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