Vassilis Kazoulis

Βασίλης Καζούλης - Corfu Beer Festival 2016

Vassilis Kazoulis was born at Asklipio in the island of Rhodes (Greece). At the age of four, he moved with his family to Athens. His aptitude towards music is noticeable from the early years of his childhood. At the age of 12, his father bought him and his brother a guitar as a gift and since then, with only just a few months’ courses at the music school of his neighborhood, he learned how to play music all by himself. When he was a student at the Economical University of Athens, he formed an amateur music group with his friends, where he played guitar, harmonica and sang. He graduated and joined the Hellenic Airforce for two years, while he was still writing music and lyrics. By the end of his military service, he already had his first collection of songs.

Stamatis Spanoudakis listened to his art work and encouraged him to be involved in music professionally and to make his first step in the music industry. At the same time, early 1987, he was chosen as a “new talent” from Dionysis Savvopoulos in order to appear in the so – called “Long Live the Greek Song” tv show, where he sang the song “Fani”.

At the end of the same year, he launched his first album with the title “Ble Moro” with the production company Lyra, with his own music, lyrics and vocals. The albums “Trypia Kapela” (1989/Minos EMI), “Kati na yializei” (1992/ Minos EMI), “Vorino Limani” (1995/Minos EMI), “Ta filia tou Augoustou” (1997/Lyra), “Toses Apostaseis” (live recording from the music hall of Metro, 2000/Lyra), “Rendez vous stin Ethniki” (2001/Lyra), “Ta agapimena mou tragoudia” (a best of collection, 2002/Lyra) and “Mono na mou gelas” (2004/Lyra), "From Liverpool to Santorini" (2009/Legend) follow on all with his own music, lyrics and vocals.

All these years, he presented his songs in concerts and music halls all around Greece. In 1990, with the song “Grammata stin Skoni” from the album “Trypia Kapela”, he participated in the International Music Festival of Lahti (Finland) where he shined, while in the year 2000 he made his dream come true by playing in Liverpool, the hometown of Beatles, as well as in Cardiff, Manchester and London.


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