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Titanic Brewery - Corfu beer Festival 2018 - Corfu meets England

Titanic Brewery has grown from very humble beginnings to production of over 3 million pints a year. Our Staffordshire brewery was founded in Burslem, Stoke on Trent in 1985 with one goal - to produce great beer!

Born & bred in Staffordshire, two beer-loving brothers Keith & Dave Bott (with uncompromising expectations when they order a pint) are at the helm of Titanic Brewery. They decided the best way to ensure the beer was good enough was to buy Stoke’s brewery and run it themselves. Even though they’ve been running the brewery for 30 years now & employ around 150 local people, Keith can still be seen regularly mashing in each morning at the brewery (if you’re up early enough to see, that is) and Dave is often building bars and painting walls in our existing pubs as well as new ones we add to the portfolio.

We are fiercely proud that our beer is crafted in our Staffordshire brewery in Stoke, a place steeped in industrial heritage, most famously pottery. With Stoke manufacturers such as Doulton, Spode and Wedgewood being world-famous (you can always tell if you’re at a table with someone is from this neck of the woods because they’ll still turn over the plates and saucers to see who made them).

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