The Great Yorkshire Brewery

The Great Yorkshire Brewery - Corfu beer Festival 2018 - Corfu meets England

Tony has been a long time beer enthusiast and started his own brewery, The Red Rat brewery, in Suffolk in 2008. The brewery closed in 2011 but Tony’s passion continued and he chose to move his brand a brewery that could handle larger volumes with distribution and the ability to operate at food grade standards. He chose The Great Yorkshire Brewery.

The first beer was ‘Gold’, a 4.0% golden coloured lager with a fruity aftertaste – the beer was a limited edition that has been seen in numerous pub groups and made a special appearance with Tony on Keith Lemon’s, Through the Keyhole. A great session beer for lager drinkers and beer lovers alike. The new, permanent beer is Moonstone IPA 5.0%, a collaboration celebrating the Gemini star sign and is influenced by the American IPA’s ( Tony’s favourite beer style ). A pale coloured American IPA, bursting with tropical fruit flavours.

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