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Since 1407 beer has been brewed in the building, which works still as a brewery today. And, as in the old days, the beer is produced in accordance with the authentic Czech tradition.

During the Second World War the establishment was closed as a result of the lack of raw materials and for a long time the building was used as a farm machinery workshop and warehouse.

In 2011, the brewer Stepan Kriz decided to restore the function of the building to its original purpose. After its renovation, which lasted for three years, in 2014 it was filled again with the smell of fresh brewed beer.

The brewery Hostomice pod Brdy produces classic blonde and dark beers. Four seasonal beers are also brewed - one for each season. All beers are bottom-fermented and from 100% hops. They are marketed under the name FABIAN, the name of the Lord of the region.

Stepan Kriz started his career in 1994 in Prague, where he worked for four years as a brewer in a traditional middle size brewery. Because he wanted to teach the art of traditional Czech brewing to the world, he traveled to Japan and later to the Barbados Islands where he brewed Czech Lager and several other varieties at his own brewery.

After his return to the Czech Republic, Kriz worked as Brewmaster in various breweries. Dream of his life was to rebuilt an historic brewery – and this dream has come true. Kriz is now the owner and brewer of the brewery Hostomice pod Brdy.

Due to the warm climate in Corfu, Stepan Kriz will produce the lightest version of the Czech beer for the festival: Blonde, full body with fine bitterness and notes of the best hops of the Czech Republic.

Stepan Kriz, Hostomice pod Brdy
Hostomice pod Brdy building in Czech Republic