The brewery Břevnovský klášterní

The oldest monastery in the Czech Republic was founded in 993 AD in Břevnov, Bohemia and at this place the history of Czech Beer had its beginning.

The original brewery remained until the 15th century, when it was heavily damaged during the Hussite wars. Its beer production was restored much later, in the end of the 17th century until 1899. The new (in 2011 opened) brewery, equipped by traditional copper-technology, is located in the building of former Baroque stables and its production is 3000 hL of beer per year.

In the Brevnov brewery are brewed exceptionaly tasty and high quality traditional Czech beers in several varieties: classic pilsner beer, black lager and beer types such as IPA, Porter, Abbey or Weizenbock. The Beer of the Monastery is marketed under the brand name "Břevnovský Benedict".

The brewer Ales Potesil made his first beer in the age of 16 and from this time, he knew that beer is what he want to do in his future. During his studies at the University of chemistry and technology, he worked in the brewery Staropramen– the second biggest brewery in the Czech Republic. Within his holiday, for two months he worked in a brewery in Scotland where he discovered the really nice and attractive world of ales. After his graduation, he started to work at the Brevnov monastic brewery as a brewer. In his job, he loves that he is still learning new things and find out how beer is awesome beverage.