A small group of friends with Vision and Will believed in a dream.

So in 2013 the first Corfu Beer Festival took place in Corfu and a dream came true.

The Festival is an annual event which has already become a tradition. Its duration is five days and the entrance is free.

Each year is organized with the contribution of a foreign country.

In 2013 Bavaria participated in Corfu Meets Bavaria, while in 2014 UK took participated in Corfu Meets UK.

It is not just a Beer Festival, it is a cultural and food festival too.



Many events are taking place every day of the festival.

Many local producers have the opportunity to present their products and sale them.

All guests can taste local cuisine, traditional dishes and buy traditional products.

The festival visits overall are about 10,000 people, while 5000 of them enjoyed the festival at least twice in five days.

With us are at least 200 volunteers, 350 dancers, 250 musicians, five different breweries, 20 local producers with 180 local products as well as organized several seminars.

From the participating country are involved:

  • At least 5 Small - Local Brewery with innovative products.
  • At least 30 musical and dance groups mainly with folkloric character.
  • At least 20 local producers - traditional products which can be sold.
  • 3 kitchens where chefs provide to the visitors the chance of tasting local traditional dishes.